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Office statistics of the rescue of Yazidi abductees


Office statistics of the rescue of Yazidi abductees, stated below, as the result of the heinous crimes committed by the terrorists of the organisation; Islamic State in Iraq and the Sham (ISIS). The numbers against the Yazidis, since 03-08-2014:
*These statistics are approved by the United Nations.
- The number of Yezidis in Iraq: 550,000 people.
- The number of people displaced by an invasion is approximately 360,000.
- The number of martyrs in the first days of the invasion 1,293.
The number of orphans produced by the invasion: 2,745.
- The number of mass graves discovered in Shingal has so far been 80. In addition to dozens of individual cemetery sites.
- The number of religious shrines that have been bombed by: 68.
- The number of those who emigrated outside the country is estimated at more than 100,000.
*Number of abductees 6,417. Of which:
Females: 3,548
Males: 2,869
*The numbers of survivors following the tragedy is as follows:
Total: 3509 of which:
Women: 1192
Men: 337
Girls: 1033
Boys: 947
Missing to now: 2908
Female: 1323
Males: 1585
According to the statistics of the Office of the rescue of the kidnapped Yezidis, and their sources approved, where the last update on 01 -08 -2019.

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