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ISIS attacks Kakais; a religious minority in Khanaqin


On 12th February 2020 night, Islamic State (Daesh) attacked a village of the Kurdish religious minority known as the Kakais in Khanaqin district, killing a father and a son, and injuring 10 others.

The attack targeted the “Bahary Taza” village, which falls on the outskirts of Khanaqin district in the Diyala governorate. The area is considered one of the disputed areas between the Kurdistan Regional Government and Iraq’s central government.  

A source told local news agency Kurdistan 24 that “the attack led to the death of a father and son from the Kakai minority, while 10 individuals among civilians and Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) were injured.” The source also added that “The terrorist group also detonated a placed IED while the security forces were attempting to evacuate the injured individuals,” 

Social media and local news agencies have reported that in late January, a group of gunmen suspected to be an Islamic State sleeper cell set up a mock security checkpoint and abducted seven civilians to the west of Khanaqin and just south of the Kurdish run Garmiyan Administration. Two days later, militants kidnapped two more people in a similar incident near the same area, which is also considered disputed territory. 

ISIS have and continues to target religious minorities in areas between Kurdistan regional government and Iraqi held territories. Civilians are usually targeted, killed and become the target of extremist and terrorist groups in Iraq.