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Countering Hate Speech: Guidance for civil society and activists


Dr. Pshtiwan Faraj, Program Manager at Independent Media Organization in Kurdistan participated in a meeting with Minority Rights Group International and Coalitin for Religious Equality and Inclusive Development to discuss the experiences in monitoring Hate speech and the toolkit prepared for CSO and activists.

Description: Hate speech causes harm at the personal level and undermines the fulfilment of human rights for all. Join us to learn more about the pioneering toolkit that Minority Rights Group developed with partners across the world. The toolkit provides practical advice and tips to civil society on how to counter hate speech.

Following presentations from each speaker about their experience in challenging hate speech, there will be a Q&A during which attendees can ask questions and engage in a discussion about the toolkit, further examples and generally the challenges of fighting hate speech online and offline.

* Haroon Baloch, Senior Program Manager and Digital Rights Researcher at Bytes for All (Pakistan)
* Dr. Pshtiwan Faraj, Program Manager, Independent Media Organization in Kurdistan (Iraq)
* Sabiha Shaheen, BARGAD (Pakistan)
* Claire Thomas (Moderator), Minority Rights Group International