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The CREID Podcast: Countering online hate speech: creating a counter narrative & good journalism


In this final episode in our series on identifying and countering hate speech, Emily Buchanan speaks to Salam Omer, Editor-in-Chief at KirkukNow in Iraq, Abdul Bari, Bargad in Pakistan and Haroon Baloch, Bytes for All in Pakistan.
They discuss the importance of creating a counter narrative for example, through a trusted and neutral news platform, available in local languages, giving voice and sharing positive stories about minority groups (KN); building awareness of hate speech and creating positive narratives working with young people (who represent about 65% of the population in Pakistan) (Bargad), launching "counter campaigns" (for example, the CREID-supported #IDontForwardHate) and reporting outbreaks of hate speech to relevant authorities, such as the tech platforms and the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief.

This podcast was originally recorded in March 2021 and launched at "#Incite! Identifying and challenging online hate speech".

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